replica hermes

replica hermes—–The dress part made of silk fabric, which is light and smooth, and has a hand-feeling meaning, meaning “time and water”. Silver grey fabric

Different flashes and colors in different light and angles, cut with the neckline cuffs of the shirt, relax.

In the middle, there is more elegance. More special is the waist design, with a twist of the knot.

replica hermes said that in ancient times, the text had not yet appeared, and the ancients replaced the language that needed to be conveyed in a different form. image

The ancient Inca used to count and record the color of the knot Khipu, only using different woven knotting methods

To record some of the data and events they want to record.

Tailored minimalist shirt dress, because the waist is small, twisted, linked, so it gives more imagination

Space and vitality. This is what Zhou Xiaochen is most concerned about in his life – “always there must be new changes.”

The coats are oversize, all with a thick, warm wool texture. Thick wrap, like the ocean or

The sky, or a fluffy Shuflei, just out of the oven, wants the whole person to fall involuntarily. The series also comes with a large enclosure

Towels can be placed inside the head. On the back of the clothes, a small pocket  sewed ingeniously.

The entrance to the heart is very special.

The theme of this season is actually to talk about the trust between people. The origin of those sense of security, we all feel that the outside world gives

of. For example, whether the work is going well, whether the friends are around, whether the lover loves you as always… but trust first.

I know myself.
“So in this design, you can see the oversize coat, like a big shell, we are arming ourselves.

Pretend to be safe. The knot that twisted at the waist of the dress, the knot that is made, is actually what we can’t say, our inside

Heart play. It was also during that time that I found it difficult to express my own thoughts to the people around me, even if it was difficult to face.

Face-to-face conversation, but various factors make people unable to open their hearts. ”